Can the Bible help me with my food struggles?

Have you ever felt stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of overeating, yo-yo dieting, and obsessive thoughts about food?

Whether you feel defeated by your lack of self-control or overwhelmed by thoughts and longings for food, the answer to our food fixation does not lie in the $500 billion global diet industry.

This is not a diet book and it’s not a healthy eating plan. Because at the core, our problem is not really what we eat. It’s why we seek fullness in something that will never satisfy.

Join Asheritah Ciuciu as she shares honestly about her own battles with food and reveals the path to freedom. You’ll discover the joy of living free from food fixation so you can experience deeper satisfaction in Christ, gain a renewed sense of purpose, and yes, even enjoy good food (without regret).

A healthier relationship with food through a stronger relationship with Christ—that’s the goal of Full.



Are you starting your day on empty?

Before your feet hit the ground, chaos drowns out any hope of quiet time with Jesus, as the alarm blares, kids run around the house, and your to-do list reminds you that you're already behind.

Bible and Breakfast

is for you. In just a month, you'll kickstart a morning habit of meeting with Jesus and eating a healthy breakfast every day. Join Bible teacher and author Asheritah Ciuciu for 31 devotions for busy women and 31 tasty breakfast recipes.


  • FEAST Bible Study prompts for days you want to dig deep
  • Snack on-the-go devotionals for busy days
  • Plenty of space for journaling and responding


  • Family favorites that are healthy enough to feel good about and tasty enough that your kids will eat them
  • A full color photo for every recipe
  • Lots of gluten-free, kid-friendly, and freezer-friendly options

No more waiting for the perfect time and place. Experience the joy of starting your mornings with Jesus today.



Discover the Secret to a Full Life

We live in a world of scarcity. We say, “I don’t have enough time… maybe when we have more money… if only I had a little more help…” But Scripture says if we have Jesus, we have enough.

In this 6-week study of Colossians, Asheritah Ciuciu leads readers to discover the life-altering importance of Jesus’ sufficiency and sovereignty. And you don’t need hours a day to enjoy this Bible Study. Each day’s study contains two paths:

  • Snack on the Go: a bite-size morsel of truth to chew on throughout your busy day
  • FEAST: a dig-deep guide to maximizing the “meat” you’re getting out of your Bible study
  • PLUS! a supplemental "Serving and Leading" section that includes service challenges for making theory a reality

You can enjoy this study in whatever way works best for you. Discover the joy and freedom that abounds when we know deep in our hearts that Jesus truly is enough.



How to focus on Christ during Advent

Most Christians agree that Christmas is all about Jesus, yet most of us spend little time preparing our hearts to celebrate Him. Why is this? Partly because we don’t know how.

In Unwrapping the Names of Jesus, Asheritah Ciuciu leads readers through the four weeks of Advent (Hope, Preparation, Joy, and Love). Each week:

  • Begins with an interactive family devotional that equips readers to celebrate Advent together
  • Offers five daily reflections that focus on that week's name of Jesus
  • Includes suggestions for fun-filled family activities or service projects

This devotional can be used by readers in their own personal worship times or as a tool to engage in family worship during the busy holiday season. Either way, participants will gain a greater sense of awe and wonder at who Jesus is.

By focusing on the person and character of Jesus throughout the Advent season, readers will prepare their hearts so that when they admire the live nativity, sit in the candlelight service, or wake up on Christian morning, they can join the faithful who sing from the bottom of their hearts, "O come, let us adore Him, Christ the Lord!"


Uncovering the Love of Jesus: A Lent Devotional

This year during Lent uncover Christ’s love for you and learn to love others like never before in this Lent devotional from Bible teacher and author Asheritah Ciuciu.

Look for its release in 2020 or pre-order now.


Quiet Time for Busy Women Workbook: 6 Weeks to Becoming Consistent in Your Daily Devotions

Our souls thrive in the presence of the Lord. You already know that.

You don't need more guilt-tripping or Bible thumping. You need help figuring out how to be consistent in your daily devotions to experience all that Jesus promises. Author Asheritah Ciuciu knows what it's like to run on empty, but she's also discovered how to be filled with the Spirit's presence and power on the hard days. She's experienced both, and she wants to share with you these valuable lessons that have helped over 5,000 women just like you. Quiet Time for Busy Women is a daily devotional for women designed to fit your busy life and help you:

  • develop a daily devotions habit in just 6 weeks
  • grow deeper in your relationship with God in just 15 minutes a day
  • find motivation on the days you can't press on
  • embrace creative ways to experience God in this season of life with fun daily assignments
  • discover joy, peace, and energy to fulfill your God-given calling

God has given you everything you need to grow in your relationships with Him, even in the busy seasons of motherhood and the exhausting hours of careerwork. Sometimes you just need a little help figuring it all out. Let this book show you the way.

Learn More

Walking with God: Enjoying God's Presence From Morning to Night

Do you long to experience more of God every day?

It's hard to be consistent in daily devotions, and even when we are, there's often a disconnect between our "quiet time" and the rest of our time. If you feel pulled between a burning desire for God and the pressing needs of family, work, and ministry, you know how hard it can be to maintain a vibrant relationship with God.

But spiritual intimacy isn't reserved for the elite few who do it all right—it’s for all those who seek God with all their might. Throughout history people have discovered fullness of joy in God’s presence, even when reading the Bible wasn’t an option. You can learn to do the same.

Join Asheritah in this four-week devotional filled with personal stories, Biblical teaching, and practical applications. The book "Walking with God" will help you...

  • overcome common obstacles to spiritual growth
  • exchange clichéd formulas for a lifestyle of intimacy with God
  • practice God’s presence during your daily tasks
  • walk with God long after you've exchanged "quiet time" for "go time"

You weren’t meant to walk this journey alone. The Father called you, Jesus redeemed you, and the Spirit indwells you. So walk with Him.


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