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Finding joy in Jesus together
Creative. Consistent. Confident. Community

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In order to best serve our members, we only open our doors to the public several times a year. We strongly encourage you to join our waiting list to be notified as soon as registration opens. When you join, we’ll also send you a 3-video series on how to Jumpstart Your Creative Worship so you can grow closer to Jesus right away.

Do you ever feel guilty because you don’t have time for daily devotions? Like you really WANT to be consistent in your Quiet Time, but you’ve tried all the formulas and they’ve failed?

Have you ever promised yourself that this year you’ll read the Bible more, you’ll pray more, or you’ll show up to your church’s Bible study more?

Do you wonder if you’ll ever break out of this cycle of try-harder and fail-faster that you’re currently stuck in?

You’re not alone.

myOneThingAlone is an online membership community for women who desire to become more creative in their worship, consistent in their daily devotions, and confident in their Bible study alongside other women who love Jesus.

Each month we study the Bible together using the same reading plan, and we learn new and creative ways to worship God that are tailored to our current season of life and our own worship personality types.

No guilt. No condemnation. Just joy in the journey with Jesus.

"I used to feel guilty but now I'm enjoying creative ways to connect with Jesus!" ~Erin
myOneThingAlone is an online membership community for women like you.

Join myOneThingAlone to become consistent in your quiet time, creative in your personal worship, confident in your Bible study skills as you journey together with a community of women who love Jesus.


Collette adopted new ways to worship that helped her step outside her Quiet Time routine.


Jaclyn discovered how God can take a little time spent with Him, and multiply it into so much more.


Michelle learned how to go deep in her Bible study but also grow on the short days too.


Liz found a safe space in my One Thing Alone that compliments her church community.

Here’s what you’ll get each month:

  • Bible reading plan

    Get the structure you need to be in the Word each day with flexibility and accountability.

  • Creative Worship idea video

    Keep your Quiet Time fresh with out-of-the-box ideas that will make you look forward to your time with Jesus.

  • Bible study tutorial video

    Learn new inductive skills to grow confident in reading and interpreting the Bible for yourself.

  • Interactive Prayer gathering

    Join prayer warriors in praising and interceding before our powerful God through virtual meet-ups.

  • Prayer partner match-up

    Get personal support and encouragement from a myOTA sister as you journey with Jesus together.

  • Private FB group

    Ask questions, share insights, join live video chats, and discover soul sisters around the world.

What makes myOneThingAlone different?

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Hi, friend!

I'm Asheritah.

As a mom to two young kids, I know what it's like to wake up early and go to bed late, only to realize I haven't spent any time with Jesus that day.

That's why I find Jesus' words so encouraging. He says, "Come to Me all you who are weary and heavy burdened, and I will give you rest." (Matthew 11:28).

Jesus doesn't promise to take away our busyness or to magically make our problems disappear. He promises us something even better: rest, joy, and peace in His presence.

Our souls thrive when we make time with Jesus our number one thing. You and I both know that. You don't need more guilt-tripping or Bible-thumping. You need help figuring out how to actually make time for your daily devotions.

Plus, the best part is that when you’re having a hard day, you can reach out to our fabulous community, and we’ll pray for you and cheer you on.

“Thank you for your help in making my Quiet Time more consistent.”
– Julie

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