How to Begin Journaling Your Prayers

Do you ever find your mind wandering while you’re praying?

Sadly, it happens to me all the time. One thing that has really helped me stay focused in prayer is writing out or journaling my prayers.

Not sure where or how to start? In this video, I’ll share some simple steps for how to journal your prayers to the Lord. 

But before we begin, here’s why journaling your prayers can grow your relationship with God:


Benefits to Journaling Your Prayers

  • Helps you stay focused while you pray
  • Brings a concreteness to your prayers, as the pen anchors you to the paper
  • Helps you clarify your thoughts as you write them down
  • Engages the right side of your brain if you choose to be creative with your journaling
  • Teaches you a biblical model of prayer as the book of Psalms is basically a book of written prayers
  • Help you be more honest in your prayers
  • Keeps a record of God’s answers to your prayers, if you choose to keep them


What to include in your prayer journal

  • Lyrics to hymns or songs that are on your mind
  • Write your own poems
  • Personalized psalms from the Bible, adapted to your personal situation
  • Journaling through painful situations
  • Written response to your study of Scripture. If you’re using the FEAST method of Bible study, the ‘T’ stand for “Turn your mind and heart toward God in worship,” and the response is, “How should I respond to God? What do I most want to say to Him now that I’ve read this passage of Scripture?” This is a great prompt for your prayer journal.


Be honest with God. Do what it takes to bare you heart before Him. If your mind wanders like mine does, grab a pen and a piece of paper or journal, and write out your prayer.

As you’re honest with him, He will honor that with His presence.


Your Next Steps:

Step 1: Grab paper and a pen.

Step 2: Start writing what you’re thinking — either in general, in response to a situation, or after you’ve read the Bible.

Step 3: Turn your thoughts toward God in conversation (either worship, confession, or requests). You could use psalms from the Bible to help. Don’t overthink it. Just be honest, and get started.

Scriptures to Read:

Psalm 141:1; Psalm 139:1-4; Psalm 86:11-13; Psalm 107:1


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