The Easy Hands-On Way to Memorize Scripture

Do you get frustrated by your unsuccessful attempts to memorize Scripture? 

I get it.

I have a terrible memory.

If I don’t write something down, I’m 98.99% likely to forget it.

So I told myself that I just couldn’t memorize Bible verses.

The chapters I memorized as a child? Still locked tight. The verse I spent 15 minutes a day on for five days straight? Gone.

I’d watch impressive recitations of entire books of the Bible, and I’d tell myself that I was past my prime, just not blessed that way.

And for a few years, that excuse worked.

Until I stumbled on this hands-on method of memorizing Scripture.

You don’t have to know sign language or even have children at home to use this method.

In this video, I’m sharing an easy way to memorize Scripture using only your hands.

Don’t worry about looking silly; I believe our heavenly Father delights in us when we use everything at our disposal to hide God’s Word in our hearts.

Which verse will you memorize this week?


Your Next Steps:

Pick ONE verse to memorize. Make up silly hand motions, and say it out loud a few times. If you have kids around, ask them to join you. The more, the merrier!


Scriptures to Read:

Psalm 23; John 3:16; Psalm 150:6; 1 Corinthians 9:24


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