Good News for Weary Women: What Is the Gospel & Why Should I Care?

The gospel. It’s a commonly used phrase in churches and Christian circles, but what does it really mean?

What is the gospel? 

Does the gospel even matter to us today?

Whether you’re wondering about an answer to these questions for yourself, or you’re looking for a simple, concise way to explain the gospel to someone else, this video is for you — especially if you’re feeling weary or burdened.

Being able to articulate the Good News of Jesus is important not just for our own salvation, but also to preach these truths to our own hearts day after day. Our relationship with God does not rest in our ability to keep the rules. We need to know this Good News to share it with our children, our extended families, our neighbors, our co-workers.

Are you ready? In this video, I’m sharing the gospel in 60 seconds, plus some encouragement, hope, and good news just for you.

Listen in to find out what the gospel really means, and why it’s good news for weary women today.


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