How to Use the Daily Quiet Time Worksheet

Have you ever come to your Quiet Time, opened your Bible, and wondered, “Okay, now what? How do I actually do my Quiet Time?

That’s where today’s video tutorial will walk you through a very simple way to study God’s Word using the One Thing Alone approach.

But first, let’s clarify why we do Quiet Time in the first place. It comes back to the two greatest commandments, cited by Jesus in Luke 10:27:

“‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind,’ and ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.”

If our Bible study and Bible information doesn’t lead to God-adoration and spiritual transformation, we’ve missed the whole point. 

I’ve developed this Quiet Time Worksheet with that focus in mind, to help us learn and love God and love others more. We’ve also kept the worksheet simple, to help you master the fundamentals and gain confidence in your Bible study.

The Quiet Time Worksheet has three questions centered around this “One Thing Alone” approach:

  1. What’s one thing I’m learning about God?
  2. What’s one thing I want to say to Him?
  3. What’s one thing He is calling me to do in response?

By keeping it simple, you’ll be more likely to do your Quiet Time, which will help you be consistent, which will help you build confidence

Over time, you’ll master this simple “One Thing Alone” approach to Bible study and I encourage you to try new inductive study methods (like these Bible study tutorials).

But for now, keep it simple and keep it focused on loving God and loving others. 

Go ahead and print out your Bible study worksheet, and let’s get started:

Once you’ve tried it out, share a photo of your Quiet Time in our private Facebook group so we can be inspired and cheer you on!