Quiet Time for Busy Women / Week 1: 3 Simple Steps to Kick-Start Your Quiet Time

Becoming consistent in your quiet time habit doesn't happen by accident. You need to start with a plan and then work that plan.

Here are 3 simple steps to get you started:

Pick Your Goal

As you start, consider why you signed up for this course. Many of us begin Bible reading plans out of guilt or obligation, but those feelings aren’t enough to keep us going when we face obstacles. What is your goal for the next 6 weeks and why is it important to you? Write down your answers in a journal, and then ask God to help you experience victory. 

Pick Your Time 

For many, morning time is best, but be realistic about your season of life and pick a time that you can actually commit to keeping. Perhaps lunch time or evening works best for you. The point isn’t to come to God “the right way” but to have a right heart as you come to God. 

Pick Your Place 

Find a space that’s well-lit and quiet for your daily devotions. Consider adding a few creative touches so you’ll look forward to spending time there. (Think potted plant, pretty mug, Scripture prints, etc). Eliminate distractions if possible, and keep your Bible, notebook, and the daily devotions in one place so you’ll be ready to go. 

Once you’ve decided on the details above, you’re ready to begin your quiet time.

To help you work your plan, I’ve included prompts for your Monday-Friday devotions, including a Friday Fun Day to help you think outside the box. On the weekends, feel free to further study the passages that have stood out to you or connect with God in other creative ways. 

(If you're more of a pen-and-paper person, you may enjoy the companion workbook that complements your daily devotions and takes you deeper into God's Word.)