Quiet Time for Busy Women / Week 4: How the Boomerang Principle Will Change Your Life

Have you ever seen a boomerang soar?

I was four years old when my dad took me to a park and showed me an oddly shaped piece of wood. “Any time I fling this out, it’s going to come back to me,” he said. 

I didn’t believe him.

As he released the boomerang, I held my breath, squinting in the bright sky until I couldn’t see it anymore. Finally, I sighed. I knew it was impossible.

But then my father told me to look up, and there it was--spinning its way back to us. He caught it in a firm grasp and waved it in front of me. “See? I told you it would come back.” I stepped up to inspect it.

“What goes around, comes around,” he said, patting my shoulder.

And it’s true. Sometimes, we won’t see results right away, but the effort we put into developing good habits will always be rewarded. 

In our daily devotions:

  • Sometimes, we’ll do our devotions but not feel euphoric in God’s presence.
  • Sometimes, we’ll pray hard without seeing results.
  • Sometimes, we’ll go for days or weeks without consistent time with God.
  • Sometimes, we’ll wonder if it’s worth saying “no” to the flesh and “yes” to the Spirit.

Do not be discouraged. Keep pressing on. Consistent effort pays off every. single. time. 

Anyone who has lost significant weight will tell you they had to stick to their healthy eating plan for months or years--even when their weight loss stagnated--before they reached their goal weight. Medical professionals spend years studying dry textbooks before they’re allowed to touch a patient. And Olympic athletes endure thousands of grueling workouts before they break world records. 

Life change doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a result of persevering in good works even in the middle of hard parts. 

Over time, you’ll see progress if you don’t give up: 

  • God promises that He WILL reward those who diligently seek Him.
  • Your ceaseless prayers WILL be answered in due time.
  • Your effort in studying the Bible WILL result in a deeper knowledge and love for God.
  • Your surrender to the Spirit’s leading WILL lead to increased Christlikeness.

Don’t become weary in doing good, because at the right time you will experience victory… if you don’t give up. Instead, trust that God is faithful and He will graciously reward faithfulness, even in the small things. 

So whether you’re just starting out your good habits or are already experiencing the rewards, know that you’ll eventually get back what you fling out. And just like the boomerang, the wait is always worth it.