RESTing in the Names of Jesus

Do you feel like your life is constantly busy, without a break? Do you struggle to pause long enough to rest in the presence of God while you pray?

I know I often do.

Even when many of the activities that occupy our schedule are good, helpful things, sometimes God calls us to come away and rest in Him.

My invitation to you today is to rest in the names of Jesus.

We’ll use the acronym REST:

Recite His goodness
Express your neediness
Seek His stillness
Trust His faithfulness

Will you join me in resting in His name today?

Today we’ll be using the name Emmanuel, which means God with us.

We begin by reciting His goodness. Take a moment now and thank the Lord for ways that He has been present in your life.

How has God been with you right where you are?

Next we express our neediness. Take a moment to express the ways that you need to rest in the presence of God in your life.

Then we need some time to seek His stillness, to be still with Him.

Lastly, we trust His faithfulness. I encourage you to end your time of resting in the name of Jesus, in Emmanuel today, by entrusting to Him an area of your life in which you need His presence. What is it that you can trust Him to be faithful in?


Your Next Step:

Take a few moments to rest in the Lord’s presence. Remind yourself who He is.

You can use the Names of Jesus reading plan or pick a name that’s meaningful to you right now. Spend some time reciting His goodness, expressing your neediness, seeking His stillness, and trusting His faithfulness. He invites you to come away and rest in Him.

You could also listen to the Prayers of REST podcast that guides you through praying Scripture using the REST prayer acronym.

Scriptures to Read:

John 1:29

Mark 10:45

Isaiah 9:6-7

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