RESTing in the Names of Jesus

How much of your life right now is go, go, go?

Like, constantly busy, constantly doing things, serving people in practical ways?

Do you feel burned out? Because I know I often do.

It’s tempting to add one more thing to our list. To do this inductive study, or check this cross reference, or that commentary. And all those things are helpful, they’re good to our relationship,to grow deeper with Jesus, but sometimes He just calls us to come away and rest in Him.

You know in the Gospels, we are shown this picture of Jesus as He has sent out his 12 disciples to go and proclaim the needs of the coming Kingdom and perform miracles in His name, all over Israel. And they come back so excited to report all the things they had done. And then Jesus looks at them and says, “Come away and rest.”

And He took them somewhere to be just with Him. I think that’s an important lesson for us, too, and so my invitation to you today for our creative worship moment together, is to rest in the names of Jesus.

And so we’ll actually do that together. We’ll use the acronym REST, which as a review, if you’re not familiar with it, is Recite His goodness, Express your neediness, Seek His stillness, and Trust His faithfulness.

And I’ll walk you through each step, inviting you to prayer, and we’ll do that based on the name of Jesus. You can do this any way you want. Today we’ll be using the name Emmanuel, which means God with us.

We’re told in Matthew that the virgin will bear a child and they shall name Him Emmanuel, God with us.

So will you join me in resting in His name today?

We begin by reciting His goodness.

So Lord, thank you that you are Emmanuel, God with us, that you sent Jesus so that you might be present with your people in physical, bodily form, in a way that had never been done in history. Even though you were present in the tabernacle, even though you were with your people in a pillar of fire and a cloud of smoke. Even though you would be present in the Holy of Holies in the temple, never before had the world seen God take on flesh and be with His people.

And yet that is what happened in Jesus. God with us.

So I invite you to take a moment now and share with Jesus, thank Him for ways that He has been present in your life.

How has God been with you right where you are?

And Lord, we express our neediness as well. We need you. I know I am prone to wander, prone to forget that you are present, to worry about the details, to fret about how this is going to work out, and what about that detail, and rush, and do so many things.

And Lord, I need to remember to rest in your presence. Lord, teach my heart what it means that in Jesus you are with me, and the Holy Spirit, you live inside me.

Take a moment to express the ways that you need to rest in the presence of God in your life.

And even as we’ve recited His goodness and expressed our neediness, we need some time to seek His stillness, to be still with Him.

Lord, thank you that Emmanuel, God with us, means that you are here right now and that you welcome us in your presence. So we rest in You right now.

And lastly, we trust His faithfulness. And I encourage you to end your time of resting in the name of Jesus, in Emmanuel today, by entrusting to Him an area of your life in which you need His presence. And so share that with Him. What is that? What is it that you can trust Him to be faithful in?

Lord, thank you that you will be faithful to complete the good work that you’ve started in us. Thank you that you are the with us, even now. Amen.

Well, I hope you enjoy this time of resting in His presence and I invite you this week to take moments, just four to five minutes to be with Him. Remind yourself who He is.

You can use the Names of Jesus reading plan that we have in the community or just pick a name that’s meaningful to you right now. And spend some time reciting His goodness, expressing your neediness, seeking His stillness, and trusting His faithfulness. He invites you to come away and rest in Him.