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Can you imagine what your life would be like if you jumped out of bed every morning looking forward to spending time with Jesus?

Sound like a dream?

Well, that can be your reality.

If you’ve ever snoozed your alarm, or felt guilty for missing your Quiet Time, or ashamed for not measuring up to other people’s devotional standards…. then you know the heavy burden Quiet Time legalism:

  • Early morning before anyone wakes up
  • At least an hour long
  • In-depth Bible study and prayer
  • Every single day

Did you know none of those rules are in the Bible? In fact, Jesus had harsh words for those religious people who were adding extra regulations to one’s relationship with God. Jesus came to fulfill the law because we could not, and through His death and resurrection He welcomes us into a beautiful, joyful, eternal relationship with Him. He says:

“Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy burdened, and I will give you rest”

(Matthew 11:28 NIV)

Did you catch that? Jesus wants us to spend time with Him not out of duty, but out of sheer delight. And He welcomes us when we’re weary and heavy burdened and tired… to find joy in Him right where we are.

What would that look like for you in THIS season of life?

Enjoying time in Jesus’ presence is the journey of a lifetime, but it’s not something you figure out once and then put on autopilot. Rather, we learn from our past failures, push aside other distractions, and create a habit that fits our current season.

And the great thing about this approach to Quiet Time? When the circumstances of your life change—because of work, school, vacation, illness, or whatever—you won’t have to worry about your Quiet Time habit because you’ve learned how to tweak your habit to fit any season of life, so you’re continually spending time with Jesus in His Word.

That’s where the Quiet Time Journey Workbook comes in.

When you download your Quiet Time Journey Workbook, you’ll

  • discover how to best spend time with Jesus based on your past experiences
  • plan out your Quiet Time using a scientific method of habit formation
  • journal through Scripture using daily journaling prompts
  • grow in consistency with a beautiful Quiet Time tracker
  • strengthen your Quiet Time habit with a tweaking worksheet
Quiet Time Workbook

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