Your Worship Personality is Activist

Loving God through Confrontation

You feel closest to God when you confront evil and fight to defend the weak. You often feel a sense of righteous indignation and cannot help but jump into action.

You live to see the day when justice is served and those who do wrong are put away. You strive to advance social reform, and you unapologetically confront error and evil.

Scripture is filled with stories of men and women who have demonstrated courage and leadership, albeit sometimes putting their foot in their mouth. Moses started out the wrong way (Exodus 2:11-12) but was used by God to liberate the Israelites out of Egyptian slavery. Elijah and Elisha both confronted evil rulers, and Habakkuk learned to wait patiently on God to work in an unjust situation.

Other Activists throughout history include Elijah, Peter, John Wesley, William Wilberforce, Elizabeth Fry, Martin Luther King Jr., Chuck Colson, Christine Caine, Kristen Welch, and more.

As an Activist, some of your biggest spiritual struggles are exasperation at others’ indifference, a sense of elitism, and fatigue due to relentless activism. Remember that God is the One who works miracles, and He’s just as concerned with your heart as He is with your activities. Allow your fervent desire for justice to drive you toward a deeper love for God and a deeper love for others.

Here are a few creative worship ideas for you as an Activist:

  • When you read or watch heart-breaking news, reflect on God’s faithfulness despite the evils of the world and ask Him to comfort, strengthen, and intervene in the situation
  • Research current legislature that’s being discussed in your state and national congress; pray for those issues, and consider writing letters to your representatives.
  • Write a letter to your congressman asking them to aid in the release and relief of persecuted Christians around the world (for ideas of what to say, go to
  • Participate in campaigns that help rescue trafficked women and children, provide care for orphans, help widows support themselves, offer encouragement to terminally ill patients, etc.
  • Spend some time prayer-journaling what causes are heavy on your heart, then research organizations that aid in that way and prayerfully consider how you can get involved with others who are doing kingdom work.

Please keep in mind that this list is NOT a to-do list to earn God’s favor. Jesus already did that. God won’t be impressed or more pleased with you if you do any or all of the above. Really, He’s after the heart. But if your heart is right with God, this list will give you ideas to seek Him in new ways that may open up fresh paths of communication with Him.

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