Your Worship Personality is Naturalist

Loving God Outdoors

You feel closest to God when you’re outdoors. There’s just something about nature that makes your soul soar.

You can sense God’s presence when you’re looking out at the ocean, the sand between your toes, or as you walk through a forest or gaze at the starry sky. These worship experiences may affect you more deeply than a purely intellectual conversation or a relational interaction.

“The heavens declare the glory of God,” Psalm 19 states, and all of nature sings His praises. Scripture is filled with examples of God’s people drawing close to Him outdoors, from Moses’ burning bush to Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

Other Naturalists throughout history include St. Francis of Assisi, Jonathan Edwards, Charles Spurgeon, Margaret Feinberg, and more.

As a Naturalist, some of your biggest spiritual struggles may be isolation from others, spiritual delusion, and idolizing nature. Remember to test everything you perceive in your spirit against the authoritative counsel of Scripture, and to be mindful that all of nature points to God. God created nature, and considering the greatness of creation can easily move you to worship God for His greatness, beauty, and power.

Here are a few creative worship ideas for you as a Naturalist:

  • Read the Bible outside. Consider starting with the creation account (Genesis 1-2) or the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-8).
  • Worship God while watching a sunrise or sunset; delight in His artistic expression and praise Him with each changing color.
  • Linger with poetry about God in nature, like Gerard Manley Hopkins’ “God’s Grandeur.
  • Lay down in the grass and look at the clouds, “the dust of God’s feet” (Nahum 1:3); reflect on where God is moving and what He is doing in the world and in your life.
  • Sing songs about God’s presence in the physical world (e.g., All Creature of our God and King; How Great Thou Art; I Walk in the Garden Alone; Great Is Thy Faithfulness).

Please keep in mind that this list is NOT a to-do list to earn God’s favor. Jesus already did that. God won’t be impressed or more pleased with you if you do any or all of the above. Really, He’s after the heart. But if your heart is right with God, this list will give you ideas to seek Him in new ways that may open up fresh paths of communication with Him.

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